4:00 pm16:00

Fruit Tree Topworking Class

  • 8150 Knox Rd Clarkston, MI, 48348 United States

To follow up the Bench Grafting Workshop we’ll cover a variety of techniques and strategies for grafting onto existing trees, whether it be the old wild apples growing in your yard or the ornamental cherry in your landscape. Explore ways for grafting several varieties onto one tree.

$25 — Click here to register

2:30 pm14:30

Food Not Lawns—Lawn Liberation Raffle

  • Raffle Winner

Enter to win a Lawn Liberation—for your lawn to be transformed by the FNL community into a garden. The raffle winner will receive a day of work transforming a section of their yard into a food garden led by Heather Jo Flores herself! Come be a part of a fun and enlivening day as we launch our Food Not Lawns chapter.

Winner chosen July 8th
Garden prep to occur prior to July 25th event (removing sod, collecting materials, and so on).

2:30 pm14:30

Food Not Lawns—Neighborhood Design Workshop

  • Clarkston Methodist Church

Explore friendship based community organizing with author & founder of Food Not Lawns, Heather Jo Flores.  Food is central to a thriving community; a hub around which people gather.  Learn through community dialogue, games and envisioning what's possible for your yard and your community.  Are you ready to start a neighborhood-based garden project or to turn your yard into a garden and your neighborhood into a community?  Then this workshop is for you.

We'll also be doing a seed and plant swap!

9:30 am09:30

SOMI Permamixer Agroforestry Workshop

  • Strawbale Studio

Join instructors Mark Angelini, Byran Mets, Jared Bogdanov-Hanna, and Trevor Newman as they share tools and techniques for productive woodland management.

In this day long class participants will learn how to manage their forests and land to improve productivity and health. Learn to use natural patterns of the forest biome, how to restore neglected fruit trees, and different uses for wood, as well as appropriate species for your goals.

Learn more & register here

5:00 pm17:00

Southern Michigan Permaculture Mixer

  • Strawbale Studio

By popular demand the So-MI Perma-Mixer is back!

Join folks from across the region for this day of community building, knowledge sharing and celebration! Learn what others have been working on and meet new friends. Build camaraderie and lasting permaculture design based installations with the hands-on projects!

Apr 26

Edible Landscaping & Permaculture Design—MI Earth Day Fest

  • Rochester Municipal Park

Learn the fundamentals of ecological design for the home and small-scale. Learn how to grow food, increase habitat and ecological diversity, build soil fertility, capture and store rainwater, and more. We'll cover the basics of permaculture design and how to utilize simple techniques to improve the overall enjoyability and productivity of your landscape.

Details at MI Earth Day Fest site

1:00 pm13:00

Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop

  • 8150 Knox Rd Clarkston, MI, 48348 United States

This course will teach participants to propagate their own fruit trees with bench grafting. We’ll explore whip and tongue grafting as well as other techniques. Practice grafting and take home your very own grafted fruit tree.

$60 for 3 hrs of instruction and take home your own custom grafted fruit tree.

Learn more here

7:30 pm19:30

Edible & Ecological Landscapes—Wild Ones North Oakland

  • St Daniel’s Church

Join us as we learn ways to make our landscapes more productive while nurturing ecological
health. Discover techniques for integrating food production, waste management, rainwater
harvesting, and other aspects of sustainable and regenerative land management. Mark and
Trevor will share stories and examples from their years of experience in ecological
landscape design.

Visit the Wild Ones North Oakland event page for more info and directions.