Diversified Farmstead

SW Michigan 2014

This small family farmstead includes commercial production focused on chestnuts and cider apples integrated amongst grazing animals. Vegetable gardens, orchards, small fruit plantings, woodland farming, and rain water catchment systems all contribute to the abundance and resiliency of this cutting edge site development.

Atto Urban Homestead

Birmingham, Michigan 2013

1/5th of an acre urban backyard edible oasis. Designed to produce a wide range of fruits, berries, vegetables and woodland understory gardens. Focus on intensive production systems and soil building to alleviate compacted urban soils.

Lake Ann Tree Farm

NW Michigan 2015

An alternative forestry model for low-grade hardwood forests. Transforming a low quality timber stand to a mix of commercial chestnut plantings, hazelnuts, and novel fruits such as haskap, as well as long-term timber stand improvement and ecological habitat vitalization.

Fox Family Farm

Milford, Michigan 2012

A diverse family homestead spanning 14 acres in southwest Oakland County. Emphasis on diversification and self-sufficiency. Elements include passive rainwater harvesting and storage, intensive vegetable gardens, fruit and nut production, silvopasture (integrating sheep, goats, chickens and pigs), maple syrup production, as well as a myriad of woodland management, forest farming, and timber stand improvement approaches.

Backyard Actionist

Southfield, Michigan 2011

The residence of an activist that was ready to take matters into her own hands. Small-scale vegetable, herb, and fruit gardening, outdoor living rooms, rainwater harvesting, and more.

The LaPorte Residence

Clarkston, Michigan 2010

A former gravel pit turned housing development where we focused on tree crops and perennial fruits in an Edible Forest Garden model. Utilized roof runoff capture in a hill-side swale system to irrigate pawpaw, currants, apples, peaches, goumi, hazelnuts, and more.

The PermaDump Food Forest

Bancroft, Michigan 2011

A highly intensive Edible Forest Garden including over 50 species of productive plants. The planting includes vining crops—grape, kiwi, hops—cane fruit—blackberry and raspberries—currants, gooseberries, pawpaw, pesimmons, multi-graft apples and pears, strawberries, asparagus, as well as a smattering of beneficial insect attracting culinary and medicinal herbs. This garden has quite literally transformed how the family and the neighborhood thinks about ideas of conservation, land management, and food production.

The Trinklein Farmstead 

Cedarburg, Wisconsin 2013

An experimental hobby farm with commercial potentials. 13 acres a couple hundred yards West of Lake Michigan. Large plantings of novel fruits such as aronia, haskap, seaberry, bush cherries, and more set in a backdrop of long-term nut and fruit trees such as persimmon, chestnut, hickory, and walnut.

O'mara Organics

Burton, Michigan 2013

Intensive food production oriented towards relative family self-sufficiency for vegetables, fruits, nuts, and more. Hard cider orchard, fresh eating and storage quality pears, apples, and stone fruits. Timber stand improvement and forest farming. Passive rainwater harvesting and water systems redundancy.

Romig Orchard

Kalkaska, Michigan 2012

A diverse planting of mostly fruit producing plants set against longterm chestnut and pine nut plantings. Apples, pears, peaches, cherries, persimmons, plums, strawberries, blueberries, and a handful of minor fruits such as seaberry, bush cherry, goumi, serviceberry, and more. Oriented towards very low management with goals of enriching the Kalkaska Sand soils towards resiliency.

Epiphany Estates at Moraine View

Downs, IL 2015

Epiphany Estatesat Moraine is a truly innovative ecological farming system that ties directly into a farm to table restaurant located in the heart of Bloomington, IL. Epiphany Farms enterprises are on the cutting edge of gourmet hyper local cuisine. The Estates at Moraine View combine a diversity of elements together to create a unique annual and perennial agricultural system that nurtures healthy ecology and provides nutrient dense food to the community.